There are currently three of us in the group - Vineta Cable, Dot Carter, and Sarah O'Hora.

Vinnie's Profile

For me it started in earnest with a book on Amish quilts and a chance visit to quilt show.  Having been able to sew for as long as I can remember, I enjoyed making clothes, doing a bit of embroidery and knitting.  However, it was nothing in comparison to the overwhelming need to cut up and re-assemble pieces of fabric that ensued after a friend gave me a book showing stunning colour combinations and bold designs combined with fantastically effective techniques.  This was further enforced by a visit to one of the Grosvernor shows at Westpoint back in 1999 showing the work of Pat Salt and Dinah Travis, among others.

I am continuously inspired by a wide variety of man-made and natural objects and things. These can be anything from landscape glimpsed over the hedge to intricate detailing on the bank note in my purse.

Being a part of Kindred Spirits has proven to be an invaluable resource of ideas and support which continuously encourages me to try to develop my textile work further and further.

Vineta Cable Website


Sarah's Profile

I started my sewing life with a small red toy sewing machine, which did chain stitch. I soon progressed to my mother's Singer and made clothes for my toys, and later for myself. My first foray into patchwork was via hexagons in the 1970s, and there it might have ended, but I found myself one day in the early 80's at an exhibition at the Craft Council in London, looking at the most astonishing ( to my eyes) quilts.  Life moved on and I reached a point when I had the opportunity to take up patchwork again and I was delighted to come across a distance learning course for City and Guilds Patchwork and Quilting in 2000. I completed this and fairly soon afterwards also completed the adult education teaching certificate. This has enabled me to teach Patchwork and Quilting via Devon Adult and Community Learning for the last few years. I have won a couple of quilting awards, but am not a very prolific quiltmaker, so the commitment to the exhibitions for Kindred Spirits is vital to me - it validates a process which a bit of me still thinks is not a proper use of time.

Dot's Profile

For as long as I can remember creativity has been a part of my life, during childhood then adolescence and into adulthood. When my children were young and family life hectic, I found a creative oasis in the form of City and Guilds Creative Embroidery at Yeovil College. After viewing an exhibition of Student's work and being completely overwhelmed by the exciting array of beautiful work on display, I signed up there and then! The tutor was an amazing lady, Lynne Horniblow, who nurtured, encouraged and .......   I haven't looked back.  On completing the course I continued my journey of exploration and learning gaining a few necessary technical skills along the way whilst enjoying every minute.

My work at the moment is heavily influenced by what I see around me in creation and nature, where I find there is no end of inspiration. Kindred Spirits has allowed a focused outlet for my creativity which is invaluable.